6th birthday


Today Diggarama celebrates 6th birthday. During the past years we've managed to release over 40 releases (maybe not much but we're proud of our quality control and diversity) and many many many top notch artistst.



We wish you all a very happy and productive 2012!


Another in our series of party events is an all-nighter (6h turntableton of some sort) by Diggarama's co-founder and daddy (suggardady, y'all??!). On Friday 13th (rembember we love to do raves on Fridays that thave number 13 in them, it's our thaaaang), the venue is club Aquarius (Zagreb / Croatia). Techno is on the menu (pure techno, not some Beatport kind, mind you). You can find Facebook event page here.



Our next evet...

Oh, we have a treat for you all. On 9th December we'll be joining forces for a mission to bring back the rave and euphoria to our city. Blurix, Cepo, DraCo, Flame, Ogi, Zoky + special guest star appearance by DJ Ocram! Check out the massive event invitation here. And a Facebook event page here.



Diggarama presents Andi Teller

Next in our series of events is hard techno party with our friend from Germany Andi Teller together with the rest of Diggarama residents Blurix, DraCo, Flame and Mad As Hatter. Venue is our legendary club Aquarius A1 (Zagreb) and star-date is 14-10-2011. For more info and/or joys check the Facebook event page.



Diggarama presents Techno 1.0 with Marko Musulin

This time we are joining forces with the Croatia's techno legend Marko Musulin for a party with very noble mission - opening of a new party season in our nation's capitol city. For more info, joy and goodies check the event page on Facebook. The place is our usual club - Zagreb's finest, Aquarius. It is set to start on Friday 26th at 10pm.



[dig040] Various Artists - Tesla155

Today is the 155th birthday of Nikola Tesla. As you may or may not know, Nikola Tesla is from Croatia and since we love our country (Diggarama is from Croatia) and we just adore Nikola Tesla, so we engaged in somewhat original release together with our friends from Zimmer Records, Bleepseqeunce and Klangboot Radio. This is a massive multi label release in memory of one of the greatest minds in the world's history. Share, enjoy and listen as much as possible. This is the perl in any audio collection. Eclectic, eletronic and out of this world.



[dig039] Mix-toor - Paper Heart

We're back in business and in full speed ahead, as well. We've got a real treat for everyone who likes music at all. We brought some new artists to our label and are about to present one of them. - Mix-toor is with us and we're presenting you his album "Paper Heart". Broken beat, abstract, experimental. Beautiful sounds that you shouldn't miss for anything! 8 track are awaiting you in this one and we're just waiting for your feedback once you hear it out. Trust us, it's not an album which is a "one time listen only". Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, we proudly present you - the "Paper Heart" album by Mix-toor.



[dig038] Mammal Footwork - Wallop Remix

Previously released on the mighty Horns & Hoofs label by our very own producer PsiloCybian under his moniker "Mammal Footwork". Since the newly created and remixed EP didn't fit the label profile Wallop EP found its new home at the Diggarama house of style and groove. You can listen and buy the original at Beatport. Remixes are released under the Creative Commons courtesy of the Horns & Hoofs Entertainment.



[dig037] AEOD - Fin Du Monde EP

AEOD is back! Oh yes! The sound of steel and pure techno has not been forgotten but was forged and shaped into 4 banging tracks that will do a couple of things for you. – 1st it will make you feel like you're in a time capsule and can travel back in time to 1990's and the beginning of the 21st century. 2nd it will take you to the cradles of pure techno sounds. 3rd it will make you apritiate what you've only just stumbled on. And 4th – it will simply make you want to dance… and let's be honest – that's what it's all about when it comes to techno. AEOD, sound, live play, techno. – It's the end of the world as you know it…fin du monde. That's all you need to know. Now press that "play" button! That's an order!!



[dig036] Deimos - Ruptured EP

Hitting you psychedelic, acid and experimentally with breakbeats this time... Say it loud, I'm a sucker for 303 and I'm proud. But it's not all in 303 (some will strongly disagree), but there so much in there - the melodies, the groove and the trancedelic voyage into the known and willingly unknown. Sound like a riddle? Why don't you try to solve it. Perfect for long trance nights under some open sky where the crowd goes wild.



[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

A bit different than Blurix’ earlier releases as it contains more melodic approach and a bit easier heading than before. Still, as Blurix himself
recons "It’s not only how much drums, pads, pianos or synths you use, but how and when do you use it as well." Emotional and melancholic yet uprising and building-up tracks that will feed both humanly desires: to calm down and relax & to lift off to the dance floor and pump up.



[dig034] Various Artists - Diggabeats

Yes, yes! Finally it's finished and out - our second big various artist compilation with some nice sound from new and old Diggarama movers and shakers. Diversity in full effect. All styles and colours of electronic music for you. Eclectic and suprising. True story!


And also... some quick news! Next in our series of events is a nice partay once again at club Aquarius in Zagreb. Once again, Lenny Dee is joing us - but this time with a help from his label artist Tymon and strong forces of the Diggarama team will be defended by Veztax, Guido, Blurix and DraCo. All that will be taking place on 9th October.



[dig033] DraCo - Drummer's Soul Remixes EP

Oomph! Sorry... We're so sorry... so many things got into our way so we kinda lost the release flow. But don't worry... everything's ok now. For the second time we have a remixes EP. This time it's DraCo's Drummer's Soul EP. Also know as the dig002. Diggarama's artist AC3PO, Perfect Blind, Nulix and DraCo made their contributions this time.



[dig032] Sascha Müller - Tank EP

Wow... so many months without release?!?! But don't worry... we weren't lazy. We've got in store for you so many goodies that you'll think that Christmas came early this year. This time we bring you deep acid ep from Germany from a very dear friend of ours. Cheers!


And other news... we've held our 3rd party so far few weeks ago. It was a real... bloodbashing rave, we kid you not. Lenny Dee was a headliner with our very own dj's from the label: Guido, Blurix, DraCo and Zoky. From detroit techno to mean hardcore sounds. We've got it all on video (watch out, coming soon)... And also some goodies for you to download >>


Blurix @ Diggarama label party 31-03-2009

Lenny Dee @ Diggarama label party 31-03-2009



[dig031] FM - Definition

After some time we have our maestro FM on our little Diggarama spaceship. We'll take you hight this time with his unique techno style that will fit the dancefloor perfectly making all of you nice ravers to scream and dance. Techno odyssey, but with a twist.



[dig030] Nesha Tehnika - NBG Driver

And here it is.. Number 30! Yes, the 30th release by Diggarama netlabel, and still counting. This time it's techno with funky / driving / minimal techno cohesion in the game-play. Nesha Tehnika from Serbia brings us 5 floor banging tracks on an EP called: "NBG Driver". This is a real treat from the master of technical perfection Nesha. Be sure not to miss this one!



[dig029] DraCo - Apocrypha

Mini album from one of the founders of Diggarama - DraCo. Although he prefers faster and distorted ways of audio expression this is mellow, ethnic and ambient release... With some sideroad trip to orchestral work. Which we like...



[dig028] BlueForest - Awakening

We bring you the ultimate summer grooves for this summer. Stylish, ethnic and eclectic from our new artist BlueForest. Expect some smart beats with idm-ish melodies and fun of a lifetime.



Major update + new release

So, few weeks ago we had a 2nd anniversary party held at the club Aquarius in Zagreb. This year we had only domestic Diggarama artists to entertain the party population of Croatia. It was a bang. We had loads of fun followed by the sounds of: Kexie, Davor O, bLURiX and FM.



Kexie >> played extra special warmup set for us, love you for that

bLURiX >> many classics like Minus Orange, Acid Come etc.

FM >> maestro at the mixer... banged our brains out


[dig027] Perfect Blind - Discoveries EP

Our very own Perfect Blind aka Deimos is back with his recognisable sounds. This time it's a bit bigger release for all of you ambient lovers out there.



[dig026] Pasquale Maassen - Open Source EP

Some say that straight uplifting techo has been lost somewhere along the way and that it is never to be found again. Once again Diggarama netlabel is here to tell you: "Never say never!". Oh yes! – This one is a real treat for all of you who desire more beat, more of everything, more out of 'techno'. Diggarama presents you the Open Source EP by Pasquale Maassen. This is a 5-track EP which is ready to put techno back to where it belongs in the world of electronic music... to the top!



[dig025] Dyspeptic - Breaking News EP

After taking you to a d'n'b trip.. Diggarama netlabel is ready to take you further to the unforgettable voyage. This time the special treatment comes from Hungary’s artist Dyspeptic also known as Daniel Artner. "Breaking News" is a 2 track EP that is a true spring-on-a-plate delivery service! – Breaks, up-moving groove & melodies, wrapped / packed & signed with an original Dyspeptic signature. 25th release on Diggarama is here and it’s ready to lift you right up so quickly hurry to the download section and pick up this one.. We are breaking the news to you.. and you be the judge of its content!



[dig024] Exbreaker - Moscow Never Sleep EP

We present you a new member of the Diggarama mothership. Coming from Russia we bring you Exbreaker and his powefull drum 'n' bass EP. The very first drum 'n' bass EP on our label.



[dig023] AEOD - Sadness EP

A fresh 3-track EP has only just peaked out of the satisfaction factory of Diggarama nelabel! This is a debut EP for Diggarama done by AEOD from Downingtown - Pennsylvania (USA). AEOD: Alter Egos Of Dance… 3 pure-AEOD-techno tracks! No comparison can be made, there’s only one AEOD! Let’s dance…

+ we'd like to thank our mate Marko for the great photo we used for the release cover! Cheers!



[dig022] Rabitza - Automatik

First release in the new and young year 2008 is Russia's very own Rabitza. This is their debut on Diggarama and we decided to open a new year with their album entitled Automatik. It's just like Rabitza boys - cheerful and jumpy, easy to listen and easy to dance to.



Happy New 2008!

We wish you all the best in the fresh year... May all your dreams come true!



[dig021] Boris The Blade - Muscle Override EP

We bring you this time a 2-track EP from a great friend from a massive Oscilator netlabel - Boris The Blade. Electro in its rawest and purest form with some subtle, but recognizable acid influences. Do it robo style, yeah!



[dig020] Weltjugendtag Remixes EP

Our first EP consisting only of remixes done by our artists plus one newbie on Diggarama. We have a special bonus remix from a Croatia's very own Davor O from Home Made Electronica label. Beside him the remixes were done by the bLURiX, DraCo and Perfect Blind. The original Weltjugendtag was released on the mighty DoBox Recordings by bLURiX.



Diggarama party videos available for download

Now you can enjoy video materials from our first party... There are two performances still missing (Veztax and psycoded + zoe.orange), but they would be added soon.


Roland Casper @ Diggarama label party

Doctor's Orders @ Diggarama label party

Kiki @ Diggarama label party

bLURiX & DraCo @ Diggarama label party



[dig019] FM - Postwar Brutal Style

Second solo release on Diggarama net-label done by FM is called "Postwar Brutal Style". Yes, IT IS BRUTAL!! Adventure of the dawn and the dusk wrapped in with a pure techno-beat flavor.

Rise of the nations has passed and the wicked ones have vanished from the mother Earth's surface along with the righteous ones. There’s no more time left on the life-clock and the situation is left as it is. – Dust and wind are the ones that carry around the story about a civilization that once existed.. ruled.. and then lead itself to self destruction. – This is the beginning of the end and FM is the writer of this apocalyptical story of yesterday.. right now.. and tomorrow… - Without wanting to take any more of your precious time, Diggarama team proudly presents FM’s first album and his second release on Diggarama netlabel - "Postwar Brutal Style" album.


[dig018] Vadz - Mystique EP

Presenting debut EP on Diggarama from our Russian who already released a powerful track on our birthday compilation. And now he's back presenting an EP of his specific style of music.



Diggarama label party, this Saturday (23-06-2007) at club Aquarius in Zagreb, Croatia.

Diggarama presents Roland Casper + Diggarama allstars + friends

Our first label party - we've asked some of our artists to join us for the celebration as well as some good friends. The plan si to start a clubnight where all Diggarama artists would be able to perform and to present their sound and techniques.



[dig017] bLURiX - Tromenia EP

Detroit influenced dark journey into the darkest depths of a imaginery real of sound and silence, fantasy and realism, minimalism with structural form that made detroit sound what is today and was before when techno was young.



[digx1] Various Artists - First Anniversary

We are one year old and we would like to give you our anniversary gift. A mighty mega-release entitled First Anniversary consisting of our very own Diggarama all-stars plus many newcomers. Some of them are well known on the music scene and some of them are releasing for the first time. The important thing is that we've compiled a massive release of various electronic music styles so everyone of you, our loyal supporters, would be able to find something that pleases you. Thank you for your support and keeping our label spirit alive with your nice feedbacks. We won't let you down in our second year!



[dig016] Perfect Blind - Under the Beneath EP

Big things require huge decissions, and huge decissions require personalities strong enough to make decissions on how to make big things happen. This is what happent when this EP came to life. Perfect Blind brings us another masterpiece of atmospherical sounding tracks (his second release on Diggarama). Some would even say that this are the dream-sequences that came right out of the 'sky'.. Well.. We at Diggarama do not know Perfect Blind's source or muse which inspired him to do this great work of art, but we do know that he wants to share this one with all of you.. And you deserve to hear this.. Enjoy the trip trough "Under the beneath" EP...



[dig015] Yan Ots - Dancin' With The Sax EP

Have you ever been moved by the sound of the sax? Well if you have or haven't, Diggarama netlabel has a real treat for all of you... This one is the pure gem of all gems in the watters of house music. Yan Ots has done a 4-track EP filled with funky beats, fluid-electronical-emotions trough the complexions of clean and good old house sound and the sound of sax that sounds like someone has sent it from 'up above' straight to your ears. We will not keep you on needles no more… Diggarama Team proudly present you: "Dancin' With The Sax" EP by Yan Ots.



[dig014] Terrence Dixon - Sabbatical EP

'Detroit'… This should be 'the' word that should be enough to satisfy any electronic music enthusyast and encourage him (or her) to open the door that lead to the latest work of Detroit's no. 01 minimal-techno artist Terrence Dixon a.k.a. Population One. Diggarama netlabel is proud to present to you Terrence Dixon and his first release on Diggarama: 'Sabbatical EP'. The netlabel scene is changing from today.



[dig013] MBF - Beautiful World LP

We introduce you this time a Beautiful World LP full of oldschool atmospheric tracks in an acid-trance manner and style from our new artist from Slovenia - MBF. Tribute to the old mid 90's raves. Score!




Dear friends and supporters... Another year has almost passed. We (Diggarama Team) would like to say a few words to all of you. First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us and participating in netlabel scene. This would be all in vain if it wasn't for your support and loyalty. We mustn't forget all the nice and talented artists who contributed with their tracks, EP's and albums. During these festive season, have a nice time and recharge your batteries. Because the new year means many surprises from Diggarama netlabel. Be sure of that. This is also a great time to say thank you to all of our friends who helped us with promotion, design covers and support. You have our deepest respect and we will never forget what you've done for us.

I will make this as short as possible... Thank you for being part of Diggarama dream and keep following our work as enthusiastic as many of you were so far. Have a happy Christmas and a very successful 2007 year. [DraCo]

I'll try to follow DraCo's beeing short example... It has been a privilige to work with such great artist as yourselves. Another year has gone by and we're still on the move as we should be. Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas, full of blessings & a happy New Year to all of you!! [bLURiX]



New links to some netlabels

Just a quick news for you all... We've added some nice netlabels in our link subsection in "About us" part of this site since many people linked us so it's only fair to return the favour. And it's a nice way to spread the word about the netlabel culture in general. So feel free to check them up.



[dig012] PsiloCybian - The Act Of Conspiring EP

Diggarama house of style brings you this time an awesome full-on psychedelic made by PsiloCybian. Fast forward to future and enjoy this psychedelic trip.



[dig011] Izmar - Inception EP

We're proud to bring you a very specific astral EP this time... Dreaming is a form of astral travel, so start dreaming now! This 3-tracker will give you visions you've never dreamed of.



[dig010] Doctor's Orders - Silencetrax EP

Pssstt... Keep your voices down.. We need to whisper to you info about this one so that the 'Gravedigger' doesn't hear us.. We are proud to present you a new terrifying EP by Doctor's Orders: "Silencetrax EP".. It's a 3 track EP with an exceptional "listen while your lights are on" note.. We do not take responsability for any countereffects!



[dig009] G+Shame - Hg

Dirty electro EP release from our friends from Serbia, G+Shame. Powerful beats, dark atmoshpere and smart Kraftwerk-ish melodies. Without further ado... We present you, dear friends - Hg EP.


[dig008] Veztax - Listen But Watch Ur Step

This time we have an album for your listening pleasure. It's been made by our new artist from Slovenia Veztax who is quite famous in his country for his numerous DJ gigs and real-label releases. Yes, Diggarama is very proud to bring you this smart album Listen But Watch Ur Step that varies from techno to deep techno.



[dig007] N-ter - What R They EP

New release is out... a powerful electro EP conducted by the mighty N-ter from the Crobot crew. What R They EP is truly an electro masterpiece. A three track EP. Atmospheric and rhythmical, but mostly dark and melodic. Beats are fused together with melody creating alien-like atmosphere.



Booking service / signing new artists announced

Do you want to book our artists for a music performance? You can do it now over us. Our artists perform as live acts, vinyl or netlabel music.


Do you want to be a Diggarama artist in the future? Send us promo materials. We will accept any kind of electronic music. But we reserve the right to refuse the release if it's not fitting the label profile.



[dig006] FM - Genady Corsakov EP

It's time for yet another domestic Croatian release. FM is very talented young producer for whom you'll hear very soon, we tell you. His EP entitled Genady Corsakov is a perfect warmly and minimally fused release for a faraway summer adventures.


So, we have a steady one release per month tempo... We have some more surprises in store for you. Just be patient. And yes, we still want your demos. Don't hesitate to send them.



[dig005] Electrixx - Metronom EP

This time we bring you EP that will wipe the dancefloors wherever and whenever. From Berlin they come. Electrixx is their name and making mesmerizing sounds is their game. Dancefloor soundtrack with a twist!



[dig004] Deimos pres. Perfect Blind – Reminiscence EP

Our 4th release on Diggarama house of style and rhythm. This time we bring you some trance/ambient/chill release from a newbie on the scene – Deimos who's introducing us to his moniker and side-project Perfect Blind. A perfect release for upcoming summer festivals. Must be played at high volume, in the sunset and among many dancing people. Check it in the Releases section.



[dig003] Doctor's Orders - Troll EP

This time we bring you a very special treat... A debut EP from Croatia's most perspective young producers, Doctor's Orders. Better known under his other moniker Gizmo and his stunning live acts. Check it in the Releases section.



[dig002] DraCo - Drummer's Soul EP

Another release... This time it's DraCo's tribal-techno EP. Check it in the Releases section.



[dig001] bLURiX & DraCo - Love To Dig EP

Our first release... Other will follow. Check it in the Releases section.



Grand-opening with first EP entitled "Love To Dig EP"

Done by the founders of the Diggarama - Blurix and DraCo. It's quite abstract and experimental, but yet interesting. Available since 7th May 2006, which means tomorrow. ;)



Some additional stuff added



A new site is launched

This is for time beign... THE LOOK! We would like to thank 69 for the great work. Cheers!






[dig040] V.A. - Tesla155




e-mail: diggarama@gmail.com